The Benefits of Heat Therapy


  • Research has established that exposure to steam rooms can contribute to a reduction in cortisol levels, commonly referred to as the 'stress' hormone.
  • Simultaneously, there is an observed elevation in serotonin production, recognized as the "feel-good" neurotransmitter.
  • Consequently, the use of steam rooms has the potential to alleviate stress and anxiety levels.


  • For decades, professional athletes have known that utilizing heat therapy facilitates post-training recovery. The application of heat has the ability to penetrate deeply into muscle tissue, aiding in the alleviation of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).
  • A recent study showed that moist, wet heat (such as that generated by our Spa) accelerates muscle recovery more rapidly than dry heat.
  • Research in steam therapy has shown to lower inflammation in the body. This allows for a decrease in overall bodily pain, sore muscles, and stiff joints while reducing stress and boosting your immune response.


  • Steam heat stands as a preferred therapy for numerous athletes seeking enhancements in performance, physical stamina, and exercise endurance.
  • In a particular study, researchers discovered that engaging in two 30-minute sessions in either a sauna or steam room per week resulted in a remarkable 32% increase in endurance output!
  • Heat therapy has also been shown to produce norepinephrine, which is a hormone that improves energy, attentiveness and the formation and retrieval of memory


  • While Steam may influence heat-sensitive neurons, boosting serotonin, it has also demonstrated an ability to elevate melatonin levels – a crucial hormone for relaxation and promoting a restful night's sleep
  • Engaging in the sauna before bedtime raises your body's core temperature, enhancing sleep quality and reducing the time needed to drift into slumber. Moreover, the increased blood circulation experienced in a steam room fosters a heightened sense of tranquility, contributing to deeper and more restful sleep during the night.
  • Finally, after an invigorating sauna session, both body and mind should feel relieved of the day's stresses and anxieties, creating the perfect pre-sleep state.


  • Incorporating a brief steam session post-workout serves as an excellent method to jumpstart results and ensure the elimination of up to 30% of waste products and toxins accumulated in the body.
  • Additionally, one study revealed that steam has the remarkable ability to lower mercury levels in the bloodstream, a notable achievement given the challenges associated with removing heavy metals from the body.
  • Similarly, a brief steam session can contribute to the reduction of the body's sodium content, particularly beneficial for individuals with elevated sodium levels.


  • Finnish researchers have discovered that the greater the steam, the better! Over a comprehensive 20-year study, it was observed that an increased frequency and duration of sauna bathing correlated with a reduced risk of sudden cardiac death, fatal coronary heart disease, and overall mortality.

  • Possible reasons for this include:
  1. The induction of heat stress triggers the activation of FOXO3, a protein associated with longevity. FOXO3 influences DNA repair, immune functions, pain levels, and the activation of stem cells!
  2. Upon entering a steam room, your body experiences steam heat therapy, triggering the generation of infection-fighting cells known as leukocytes. Regular use of steam rooms provides a beneficial immunity boost to your bloodstream, enhancing your body's ability to defend against illness and disease. A slight elevation of 1% in body temperature corresponds to a notable 40% increase in immunity, as per findings from a study conducted by Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, MD, PhD.
  3. As indicated by a recent study conducted by the School of Allied Health Professionals at Loma Linda University, individuals demonstrated that moist heat enhanced circulation, particularly in their extremities. Enhanced circulation is associated with reduced blood pressure and overall heart health, and it may even facilitate the healing of damaged skin tissue.

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